Toxic Masculinity and Femmephobia Were Front and Center During This Gay Couple’s Reality Show Date

Toxic Masculinity and Femmephobia Were Front and Center During This Gay Couple’s Reality Show Date

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A term we haven’t heard in a while is straight-acting. Usually when gay men are trying to communicate their toxic preferences these days they stick with “masc.” Both are gross terms and preferences, in our humble opinion, as they’re drenched in toxic masculinity and femmephobia.

Both of these things were fully on display during this gay couple’s meetup on First Dates, a popular British dating show. Before the date even began, the audience watched Joe reveal he only likes to get on with men who are “straight acting.” What is this, a profile from 2002?

The date only got more femmephobic from there. After Joe sits down with his date, Jack, the pair chat about what they like in men, where again Joe reveals his tastes but in an even worse way than before. He says, “I’m looking for a straight guy who just so happens to be gay.”

Jack and Joe

What kind of nonsense is this now? Who the hell is that, a closeted gay? Or are you talking about a masculine gay man? They do exist, you know, and you don’t actually have to put masculinity and femininity in the same categories as sexuality and gender.

Gay men can be masculine, and straight men can be feminine. And there’s nothing wrong with either. We actually can’t believe we have to write this in 2018, but obviously we do if blokes like Joe and Jack are getting air time on one of Britain’s most popular reality shows.

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The pair feels they may have finally found what they’re looking for. Not only do they each live up to the other’s high standards of masculinity, but they both share the sentiment of wanting it in their partner.

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