How Has the Fight to End HIV/AIDS Progressed Under President Obama?

How Has the Fight to End HIV/AIDS Progressed Under President Obama?

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Dec. 1, World AIDS Day (or World HIV Day, as we support it being referred to looking forward) is a great opportunity to examine the successes our society has made—here in the States and globally—in fighting HIV/AIDS. Under President Obama, we’ve seen some great strides, from his development of the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States to the expansion of investments in PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The White House today released its 2016 Progress Report on National HIV/AIDS Strategy implementation, a comprehensive plan to reduce new HIV infections, reduce disparities and get to a more coordinated national response—in effect a national strategy through 2020.

Included in that progress report is an infographic depicting major HIV/AIDS milestones under Obama’s presidency. Here are some highlights:

Improvements the White House points out as having been achieved throughout Obama’s presidency include new HIV diagnoses dropping 7% between 2010-2013; a decrease in disparities in diagnoses for black females; increased viral suppression among youth, injectable drug users and trans women.

Then there are places where progress has not been seen: homelessness among people with HIV continues to inch upward, and HIV-risk behaviors in gay and bi men increased as well.

President Obama also released a video message for World AIDS Day 2016. Watch it below:

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