Finally, an Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up with Vaginal Orgasms NSFW

Finally, an Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up with Vaginal Orgasms

Written by Daniel Villarreal on September 06, 2016
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Back in the day, we told you about gaming accessories you control with your vagina, but we only recently found out about a vaginal alarm clock that supposedly wakes you up with an orgasm.

It’s called the “Little Rooster”, it looks like a spatula — you apparently put the handle between your labia and the flat end against your pubic mound. It starts vibrating gently at first. Then about five minutes in, it uses your preferred “intensity level” to arouse you awake.

But if you like sleeping in nude, you’ll have to wear panties to keep it in place. Also, we’re unsure if it’s made of rubber or hard plastic (ouch) or what. And how the hell do you hit the snooze button if you decide you’d rather have more sleep instead of a machine-induced orgasm? And also, don’t orgasms make you MORE sleepy?

And if you want one, apparently you have to pre-order it because it’s out of stock. It all sounds a little fishy (or poultry), but if your hand or other just ain’t doin’ it for your morning scramble, then a “Little Rooster” it is! Cock-a-doodle-do?

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