Finally! An App To Help Find Trans-Friendly Doctors

Finally! An App To Help Find Trans-Friendly Doctors

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Finding a good doctor is no easy task, but finding a good doctor who can competently and compassionately treat transgender people is super tricky. Not every doctor knows how to sensitively handle issues related to transitioning. But now a new website called MyTransHealth is trying to eliminate the challenges of finding doctors experience in working with the transgender community.

According to The Daily Dot, MyTransHealth will have a list of pre-screened and properly trained providers. Founder Kade Clark said:

“Over half of trans people educate their doctors on how to treat them… And then about 19 percent are refused care. They don’t even have the chance to educate the doctor because they won’t even see them. So people get to a point where they stop looking for care, which is the biggest issue.”

MyTransHealth is currently in the very early stages and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding. A similar site called RAD Remedy has also just launched. RAD Remedy will “provide comprehensive information” about trans-friendly healthcare providers especially in “rural and under-resourced areas where one provider can make a huge difference.”

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