Finally! Underwear That Makes Your Bulge Look Like A Wolf Face!

Finally! Underwear That Makes Your Bulge Look Like A Wolf Face!

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Shake hands with a true pervert!

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you have to stop dressing up and acting strange. In fact, you might as well start dressing even weirder just because. To that end, a friend turned us on to these boxer-briefs that make your bulge look like wolf face — they’re about $5 to $12 each and come in a style with the wolf’s mouth open and snarling, depending on how much you want to frighten your bedroom prey.

If your pal is an animal lover, they might try to tame your wolf, feed it beef jerky, and teach it basic commands — just like Jack London’s White Fang — how noble!

While perusing Amazon’s selection of wolf-themed under-things, we also found these delightfully weird women’s wolf tooth masturbation gloves because nothing says “pleasure” like a hand covered in 100 rubber wolf’s teeth.

Just turn on Shakira’s “She Wolf” during the next full moon and let your inner wolf out for a late night prowl. Even if these wolfy items never become part of your regular sexy-time, you can always bust them out next Halloween to impress and terrify your friends (with benefits).

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