FINISH HIM (Off)! Mortal Kombat Debuts Gay Character

FINISH HIM (Off)! Mortal Kombat Debuts Gay Character

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Good news, grown-ass adult homosexuals who used to be 14-year-old boys — a gay kombatant has entered the battle to save Earth, or Outworld or whatever it is we’re fighting to save in Mortal Kombat X. Hakuna matata, Noob Saibot. FINISH HIM… off!

Jamal Lyon Kung Jin joins Mortal Kombat stalwarts and walking gay puns like Gayden, Sub Zero and Johnny Cage (Sunglasses. Hair product. Self-promotional chest tat. Used to “black out” in college and “accidentally” crawl into his roommate’s extra long jersey sheeted twin bed. “Dude, what happened last night? I don’t remember anything. *buuuuurp*”).

And you know what? I like this guy!

A) He fights with a bow. Known sex fact, bows are an aphrodisiac. (The defense calls to the stand Legolas — I could stop right there and you know it, Arrow and Hawkeye.) Plus, homeboy has a tiny skull on his bow and you know skullbows are even sexier than unskulled bows.

B) Uh, did I not already mention that Kung Jin is absolutely killing it on Fox’s Empire? Lucious Lyon’s middle child picks his midseason storyline right back up and dusts off his internalized homophobia in this clip from the game.

Love your new hat, Cookie!

C) This is the type of on-the-nose gay media representation I sure could have used as a gay teenager wah wah wahhhing my way through the world. All we had for gay on-screen represenation were Jack on Dawson’s Creek and Danny from The Real World New Orleans when I was a youngin’. We could have used an ass-kicking, head-exploding gay monk in our violent arcade games back in my day.

In any case, welcome to the world, Kung Jin. We expect big things. I’ve taken the liberty of already calling the engraver on contract (it’s Kristin Chenoweth, in case you were wondering), and your GLAAD award will be ready for pickup sometime in the fall. Don’t forget to pick it back up from coatcheck on your way out of the P.U.M.P. afterparty. Lisa lets the other housewives scavenge through any belongings left for longer than 48 hours.


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