26 Fire Island Memorial Day Weekend Instagrams You Have to See

26 Fire Island Memorial Day Weekend Instagrams You Have to See

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When it comes to a gay beach, there is no place gayer than Fire Island. And trust us, the show on Logo has nothing on the real thing.

Beach boys and muscled men returned to the beaches of The Pines and Cherry Grove to celebrate Memorial Day right this past weekend. Sure, the weather wasn’t the greatest. It was chilly and rainy for most of the time. But that didn’t stop the trade from New York City and beyond to pose for plenty of hot shirtless pics that raised the frosty temps on the island a tad higher.

We scoured Instagram to bring you some notable moments of the weekend so you have an idea of what Fire Island is all about.

Since summer has only just unofficially begun, there is still some time for you to book your trip this season to be part of all the fun in the sun.

Here are 26 notable Instagrams from Fire Island:


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