Watch Fischerspooner’s Homoerotic New Video for ‘Togetherness’

Watch Fischerspooner’s Homoerotic New Video for ‘Togetherness’

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Musical duo Fischerspooner are back at it with a new video for their song “Togetherness.”  An electroclash and performance troupe formed in 1998 in New York City, the band name is a combination of the founders’ last names, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner.

The track is from their upcoming album, SIR, which was produced by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and documents the period after Spooner ended a 14-year relationship.

DJ Juliana Huxtable, actor Juan Pablo Rahal and singer Caroline Polachek who sings the song’s hook all make appearances in the homoerotic video.


Spooner and Stipe, who dated years ago, co-wrote the songs for SIR, partly at Stipe’s home in Athens, Georgia, where they lived together.

“He encouraged me to be more emotionally connected and to trust my voice,” Spooner told NPR. “He also fought for a more raw vocal in the final production. He taught me new ways of creating melody and lyric. He was more than a producer. He was a mentor and a great friend who guided me through troubled times and captured my experience. He lifted me up at my lowest. This album is a document of that experience.”

“I went to Athens really as a last-ditch effort; it was supposed to be temporary, Spooner said during a conversation with Stipe for Interview. “And that’s why meeting you was really important for me. You showed me that I could be an artist. Thank you for setting me on that trajectory. I never intended to work in music at all. I felt like musicians were so uptight.”

“Togetherness” is the first official single from the upcoming album, but not the first song Fischerspooner has released. They shared “Have Fun Tonight” over the summer, calling it “a queer dance ballad about polyamory (…or polygyny), encouraging your lover to go out and have fun without you.”

Fischerspooner’s new album SIR is out Feb. 16, 2018 on Ultra Records.

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