Gift Guide 2017: 10 Ideas for the Gym-Obsessed Fitness Gay Who Already Has It All

Gift Guide 2017: 10 Ideas for the Gym-Obsessed Fitness Gay Who Already Has It All

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We all have that one friend. You know, the one who’s always at the gym working up a sweat like he’s getting paid for it. (If he’s a go-go dancer, maybe he is getting paid for it.) But here come the holidays, and what do you get that friend as a gift? Take a few pointers from this fitness gift guide.

From the perfect pair of workout shorts to a subscription box service that keeps health nuts fueled up, our fitness gift guide is great for the gay guy who simply has to have the best body at Fire Island or Provincetown every summer.


Check out our fitness gift guide for the gym-obsessed gay guy:


1. Core Shorts by Bonobos

Men’s apparel brand Bonobos prides itself on providing the best fit possible, and these gym shorts are no exception. They’re ultra-lightweight and stretchy in all directions, so they’ll never constrict your thighs, even during squats and rows. Opt for the unlined version to make sure there’s no bunching at the crotch. Or, if you need more support, there’s a boxer-brief lined version as well. $68–$78.

2. Novel Duffle by Studio Herschel 

The Studio Herschel Novel Duffle offers a clean, sleek aesthetic but with lots of functional quirks that make changing at the gym a whole lot easier. You’ll never have to worry about your dirty shoes muddying things up with its zippered shoe compartment, for instance, and we’re a fan of its removable shoulder strap with flashy reflective finishes. $100

3. Classpass

Signing up for an expensive membership to one fitness studio can seem like a big commitment, and let’s be honest, few have the time or money to waste on a gym membership they’re gonna have to cancel two months later. Also, commitment is hard.

ClassPass lets people workout at hundreds of studios and gyms wherever they live. Once your giftee has found a favorite, he can visit that studio a set number of times per month depending on what type of membership has been purchased. You can gift set amounts of cash towards a Classpass membership. 

4. Grip Profile Brief by C-in2

You’ve probably got a drawer full of compression shorts, but how about a compression brief? Not only will your legs be freer, but this pair is also made of transDRY cotton, which helps make sure sweat stays away in all your … sensitive areas. $24.

5. Protein Shakes by OWYN

OWYN stands for Only What You Need, so you should have a good idea as to what you’re putting into you body every time you gulp down one of their shakes. OWYN doesn’t use dairy, whey, sugar alcohol, stevia, gluten, soy, nuts or artificial ingredients. What is in one of these plant-based shakes? Subtle and naturally sweet flavoring (vanilla, dark chocolate and cold-brew coffee) and 20 grams of protein. $36 for a 12-pack.

6. NutriBullet Pro 900 Series

It’s the perfect gift for the control freak who needs to know exactly what’s going into their shake. This new edition of the classic kitchen item has 900 watts of fruit-mashing, veggie-pulverizing power. That’s about 50% more powerful than the basic version. That also means ice, frozen fruit and thick ingredients won’t slow down your gym-obsessed friend’s smoothie making process. $100

7. Speed Demon Socks by Nastypig

If your friend spends every waking hour at the gym, chances are that he likes to make a bold fashion statement when he’s there, and Nastypig’s Speed Demon socks speak for themselves. Built for speed, the italicized font wraps around your calves and lets his fellow gymgoers know that he’s DTF — down to get fit. $16


8. Strength Crate 

Perfect for anyone who schedules his life around workouts, the Strength Crate delivers up to six products that help gym bunnies stay healthy and injury-free. Functional fitness equipment, supplements, apparel and recovery tools are just a few examples of items that come packed in this curated box each month. You can also send a box just once if you like, and Strength Crate offers free shipping. $41–$75 per crate.


9.  All-Conditions Phone Pocket by Bellroy

It can be hard to keep all your valuables in one place while you’re working out at at the gym (or simply out and about). The All-Conditions Phone Pocket will help your gym bunny friend keep his cards and phone safe in one place. Made from weather-proof materials, its zip closure repels water, offering extra peace of mind that your valuables will stay safe. $120


10. TRX Training Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

This kit includes everything your friend needs to get a full-body suspension workout at home. Build muscle, burn fat, increase endurance and improve flexibility with this one simple system. A TRX Workout Guide and two bonus workouts are included, too. $150


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