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15 of Our Favorite Cosplays From NYC’s Flame Con 2017

15 of Our Favorite Cosplays From NYC’s Flame Con 2017

Written by Matt Keeley on November 12, 2019
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This weekend, our friends over at Geeks Out put on the third annual Flame Con. Flame Con, at the New York Marriott in Brooklyn, is an LGBTQ-focused comic, art and entertainment convention. Last year Flame Con’s was the biggest queer-focused pop culture expo ever held in New York.

Flame Con had a number of special guests. Some of the most exciting included Vincent Rodriguez III of Crazy Ex-GirlfriendDan Parent, the creator of Archie Comics’ first gay character, Kevin Keller and Marc Andreyko, editor of the Pulse benefit anthology Love is Love.

Though Flame Con had a number of outstanding events and panels — we wish we could have been there for “Revenge of the Queer: Canonically Straight Characters Occupying Queer Spaces” or “How Comics Saved My Life” — one of the best parts of any convention is the cosplay. Flame Con was no exception — a number of brilliant cosplayers were out in full regalia. Here are a few of our favorites.

This Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element certainly stood out!

Eddie with my hands-down favorite cosplay at #Flamecon.

A post shared by Fozzie (@fozziebare) on

Oh no, Freddy Krueger (played here by Mark Patton) got Amethyst from Steven Universe!

#flamecon #flamecon2017 #markpatton

A post shared by Emleigh Wolf (@emleighwolf) on

Speaking of Steven Universe, we really like this unconventional take on Peridot:

#flamecon #flamecon2017 #peridot

A post shared by Emleigh Wolf (@emleighwolf) on

Unsurprisingly, Steven Universe was a popular cosplay subject. Our last Steven cosplay is this wonderfully spoiler-ific Lars:

There were a number of superheroes there, of course. For example, Gambit of the X-Men made an appearance:

There’s also this amazing Spider-Man:

Thanks Pete for this awesome photo of me! ?#flamecon #flamecon2017

A post shared by Zlandael (@zlandael) on

Jem and Pizzazz are truly, truly outrageous:

Good thing there were multiple Jems, though — Ursula the Sea Witch stole this Jem’s voice!

(We’re not sure if he shared Jem’s voice with the other Ursula.)

A tale of two Ursulas. #Flamecon

A post shared by Fozzie (@fozziebare) on

One of the more surprising cosplays was one of the dads from Dream Daddy:

Who do you prefer? Jasmine:

…or Jafar?

This Inspector Gadget cosplay is AWESOME:

The best Inspector Gadget cosplay I've ever seen. #Flamecon

A post shared by Fozzie (@fozziebare) on

Of course, Willow was there to represent for Buffy:

Buffy and Willow ✨?? One of my fave cosplayers from yesterday at #flamecon ?

A post shared by Ian Carlos Crawford (@ianxcarlos) on

Finally, we love Luke Skywalker’s advice:


Photo by @louiejr2988 via Instagram

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