This Mad Genius Just Found a New Use for Fleshlights We Never Thought Of

This Mad Genius Just Found a New Use for Fleshlights We Never Thought Of

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Fleshjacks (or Fleshlights) are a popular men’s masturbation toy made out of a gooey skin-like sleeve encased in a plastic cylinder with an opening typically shaped like a mouth, vagina or anus. Usually, you just stick your penis into the lubed-up, flashlight-shaped device and repeat until climax. But one mad genius figured out an alternate use for the fleshy sleeve that’s both eye-opening, disturbing and kind of hilarious.

In a video posted by Iain Burns — an auto mechanic from Wigan, England — a Fleshlight sleeve has been inserted into a car’s exhaust pipe and duct taped in place so that its vaginal opening can belch out the car’s combustion gasses in an endless, spasmodic super-queef.

The smoke from the burnt gasoline makes the Fleshlight’s opening an dingy black color and the sleeve’s ultra-stretchy material makes it bulge and bubble unnaturally as the combustion gasses putter out of its small vaginal opening.

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It’s both frightening and fascinating, and we just can’t look away.

For licensing and usage, contact: bit of an exhaust modification for Luke Sinclair

Posted by Iain Burns on Monday, December 11, 2017

The freakish appearance of the toy in this video is partly due to its “Real Feel Super Skin,” a secret patented material used in the sleeve. It’s designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex and is gooey, stretchy and quite wobbly to help accommodate penises of any size.

Usually the Fleshlight can accommodate an insertive length of nine-and-a-half inches and a girth of up to seven inches, but gas lacks a solid form and we’re unsure if Fleshlights were really meant to withstand such automotive air pressure or heat.

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Fleshlights are also made in Austin, Texas. So now you know where to pick one up in case you need a new sex toy or a disturbing exhaust pipe cover.

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