Remember When Florence Henderson and Marilyn Manson Became Friends?

Remember When Florence Henderson and Marilyn Manson Became Friends?

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On July 31, 1997, Bill Maher—now popular for his Real Time weekly panel show on HBO—welcomed four guests onto his series Politically Incorrect. On one side were G. Gordon Liddy, a radio host, and Lakita Garth, a former Miss Black California and rap artist. On the other was Florence Henderson, Mrs. Brady herself, and Marilyn Manson, who had recently released his breakthrough album, Antichrist Superstar. Who would have thought that Henderson and Manson would find themselves on the same side of issues like censorship and religion?

It doesn’t take long for the panel to get heated regarding Manson’s onstage antics, which included ripping pages out of the Bible and wiping his ass with the American flag, all to screaming crowds. Garth, in particular, a by-the-book Christian, takes great offense. Henderson, on the other hand, willingly defends her newfound buddy, at one point clapping back at Garth with “You can’t judge him. He may have more Christ in him than you do.”

Maher can’t help to point out at one point that perhaps a “love connection” has been made between the Brady Bunch star and the shock rocker, and at another point Henderson proclaims, Manson’s hands in hers, “We’re going to the prom together.”

The episode was quite an exciting moment in pop culture, and we couldn’t help but recall it upon learning of Henderson’s untimely passing yesterday at the age of 82. She really was one of the good ones, and she’ll be missed. RIP, Mrs. Brady.

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