That Sugar Baby Who Left His 79-Year-Old Priest Homeless Now Has A Younger, Richer Boyfriend

That Sugar Baby Who Left His 79-Year-Old Priest Homeless Now Has A Younger, Richer Boyfriend

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The plot thickens in the ever engrossing fake romance between a sugar baby and his daddy. Earlier this week we reported that a 79-year-old man had been left homeless after his husband, a 24-year-old sugar baby left him high and dry. Retired priest, Philip Clements married “model” Florin Marin in April of 2017.

Their house in Romania was originally bought in Clements’ name but he ended up putting it in Florin Marin’s name because he “wanted him to have security” after he died. Shortly after, the couple split.

Clements has been back in the UK since September but is now relying on his friends to help him. He claimed that since their split, the pair had kept in touch. Clements said, “I don’t want a divorce and he says he doesn’t want anybody else.”

However, Marin spoke to a local Romanian news source back October and told them then that not only has he moved on from Clements, but he’s already found a new man who is younger and even richer.

Marin admitted that he’s been seeing a 48-year-old businessman named Jeronimo Jesus de Vega. The two apparently met through Facebook and have become very intimate in an extremely quick amount of time.

Translated from Romanian, Florin Marin said:

He’s my new partner. Yes, he’s a little younger, he’s 48. Philip made 79 now in August. He told me to look for someone younger than he is. We talked on Facebook before our first face-to-face meeting.

Philip knows. I told him I found someone. He said that he would not want to keep in touch with me and that. No trace of jealousy [in de Vega]… he’s a very wealthy man, has been married to a Romanian, has a child, has a little girl…. He has some business, he is wealthier than Philip. He knows very well that I like the money, I told him all about my husband, and I will stay here for a while and we will come to Romania. He is very busy.

The Sun reports that Clements did not know about Florin’s new sugar daddy, and that he still hoped to mend their broken relationship.

He said, “I will ask Florin if he has gone behind my back.”

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