Boxer Floyd Mayweather Calls Conor McGregor an Anti-Gay Slur

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Calls Conor McGregor an Anti-Gay Slur

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One step forward, and one step back. A couple weeks ago we gloated that homophobic boxer Manny Pacquiao lost his world title fight to the pro-LGBTQ Jeff Horn. As awesome as that was, there’s more homophobia coming.

Yesterday in London, while promoting their upcoming match, Floyd Mayweather called his opponent, Conor McGregor, a faggot. But as Charlamagne Tha God jokingly points out, he just called him a cigarette:

Though we must point out, cigarettes are usually “fags” in the United Kingdom. Obviously, Mayweather was referring to faggots, the dish made of minced pork liver and heart.

Seriously, though — this is unacceptable. But neither party is innocent. McGregor has made a number of racist comments against Mayweather in the leadup to the fight. McGregor told Mayweather “dance for me, boy” — a phrase, especially with the use of the word “boy”, laden with racial overtones. If that weren’t enough, he also referred to black people as “dancing monkeys”. And he also made a crass reference to being “half black from the belly button down.”

Mayweather’s response started out well. He said:

Racism still exists. It’s all about treating people like you want to be treated. To get respect you must give respect. He totally disrespected black women. He called black people monkeys. Then he spoke disrespectfully to my mother and my daughter. There are certain levels you don’t stoop to and certain levels you just don’t go to. I love everybody from all walks of life.

This is great! Unfortunately, after saying he loves everyone from all walks of life, he ended by addressing McGregor as a “pussy”, ending with “you punk, you faggot, you ho.” Two homophobic slurs — a punk originally referred to someone who bottomed in prison, whether willingly or not — and two misogynistic ones. Charming.

Like many accused of racism, McGregor insists he’s not actually racist while doubling down:

I was trying to address something in my own little way but whatever, if he feels it’s disrespectful then he’s an idiot and fuck him as well. It’s a dirty play. I think [the accusation of racism] is ridiculous. I don’t understand it. I know who I am as a person and I think that most realistic people will look at me and know who I am.

As far as we’re concerned, no matter who wins the match, they’re both losers.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight on August 26. But, really, don’t you have anything better to do that day?

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