7 Brands to Get You Geared Up for San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair

7 Brands to Get You Geared Up for San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair

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The scent of leather. The feel of its smooth — or rough — surface. The weight of the leather gently pressing against your body. Leather is an intoxicating material, indeed. And there’s no better event for strutting around in your sexiest leather gear than San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, the world’s largest leather event, taking place this year on Sunday, Sept. 24. Guys and girls of all shapes, ages and sizes will express the kinkier side of their pride by donning their best Folsom gear to celebrate leather culture.

You’re sure to see plenty of the staples — the biker jacket, the leather cap — but some people get even bolder and more creative when it comes to their Folsom gear.

What fetish inspiration will you be bringing to this year’s Folsom Street Fair — crotchless chaps? Leather police shorts? Whatever your kinky inspiration, we’ve rounded up some famed brands who can get you decked out for the daytime festival.

Here are our 7 favorite brands to inspire your Folsom gear:


1. Eagle Leather

There’s something dangerous about guys in uniform, don’t you think? A uniform represents authority, and some of us get weak in the knees when we see a hot man in control. We’re also attracted to them because men in uniform signify confidence, and there’s nothing sexier than a man with confidence.

Based in Melbourne, Eagle Leather has been in business for over 20 years and prides itself on creating high-end fetish fashion. From leather and rubber to latex, Eagle Leather offers apparel and accessories in different materials for various kink events and functions.

This Eagle Leather Shirt is one of their most popular pieces of gear. With cropped sleeves, buttoned epaulets and eight panels of detail, this shirt is stylish in design and high in quality. Combined with a double-seamed finish, this shirt is durable and shows off the craft that has gone into the development of this incredible line. $445 at eagleleather.com


2. Northbound Leather

Why not spice up your gear with sass and fantasy? These awesome leather police jodhpurs from Northbound Leather, a Canadian-based fetish brand, guarantees to be a head-turner at Folsom or any other events or party.

The jodhpurs ($460 at northbound.com) feature front-slash pockets with a one-inch-wide stripe down the leg outseam. It has a waistband with belt loops and single-snap design. It also has a functional zipper at the ankle, providing ease of entry. Plus it has two flap-pockets above the breech-style rear for additional detail and functionality. Finish this outfit with Northbound Leather’s Dehner boots. (It adds authenticity to the overall look.)


3. The Tom of Finland Store

With a highly anticipated movie on the way, the master of homoerotic drawings, Tom of Finland, has long mesmerized us with his highly stylized work. Inspired by the exaggerated male form in scantily clad leather gear, the Tom of Finland fashion line equally captures that sexual rawness.

Tom of Finland makes graphic tees featuring drawings from Tom of Finland archives, but it also sells some great accessories, from black leather caps and chain locks to collar and ankle straps. The above collar is neoprene, making it easy to maintain. It’s adjustable and can also be used on wrists and ankles. Best of all, it comes with a Tom of Finland lock and keys made of stainless steel. For a cool $39 (at tomoffinlandstore.com) you can look mischievous and hot in your Folsom gear.

And check out more from the Tom of Finland Store’s recent collection here.


4. Boxer Barcelona

A well-known fetish gear company based out of Spain, Boxer Barcelona offers a broad range of products, from leather to rubber to latex wear. The way the store is set up, you feel like you’re exploring a kinky playroom.

Boxer Barcelona has an excellent selection of boots for leather enthusiasts, from classic engineer and military boots to iconic police boots (above, $270 at boxerbarcelona.com) for hardcore fans. This style has buckles at the top and on the foot for a tight fit. They also feature a thick sole, making them sturdy and comfortable to wear. These high-knee boots look extra hot when paired with leather trousers or chaps.


5. The Leather Man

Leather Man is your go-to store for fetish gear in New York City. In business since 1965, they specialize in harnesses (more than 20 styles), including this one-of-a-kind harness, the Chez Priape Invader Harness with Studs.

The shop also creates special gear, like kilts and gladiator skirts for fans of those looks. The above gladiator skirt is made from genuine leather and chained together with real metal hardware. It covers up the right areas of your body while also showing off the right assets. It takes a real man unafraid of showing off some skin to wear this skirt proudly in public. ($175 at the-leather-man-inc.shoplightspeed.com)


6. Puppy Pride

Woof! If puppy play is your thing, Puppy Pride, the U.K.’s biggest pet play social network, also has an e-commerce store dedicated to dressing ‘puppy players’ around the world.

The above Wruff Stuff hand-crafted pup hood ($155 at puppypride.store) is a neoprene mask that’s lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. Plus it’s machine-washable for easy care in case you like to play rough and dirty. The hood has adjustable straps for a perfect fit, and it includes an elasticated section to prevent re-fitting when you’re out and about sniffing other pups.


7. Slick It Up

If you’re the type who wants to get decked out in Folsom gear but isn’t a fan of the black leather look, look no further than NYC-based fetish gear brand Slick it Up. Available through the company’s website, Slick It Up specializes in fun and flirty gear that doesn’t take itself too seriously, from T-shirts to swimwear to full-body suits and harnesses.

We’re special fans of the above Zip Butt All Star Singlet ($124 at slickitup.com), because as the site says, “Don’t let some shitty Republican administration claim America for themselves!” Instead, slather your body is bright stars and stripes. (And, yes, there’s a zipper on the butt, ya pervert.)


Featured image via folsomstreetevents.org

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