‘Chemsex’ and 9 Other Queer Slang Terms for Our Wicked Age

‘Chemsex’ and 9 Other Queer Slang Terms for Our Wicked Age

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It’s been a hell of a year and there’s no way you’re going to survive the future with an ancient vocabulary. So here’s some queer slang you can toss around the bar and bedroom next time you need to serve some serious sass. They’re not all polite, but then again, neither is life.

And while you’re at it, check out our past slang collections, too. Knowledge is power.

(image via seancody.com – NSFW)

assvertisements (n) – A personal ad seeking sex (or “ass”)
“Joey, those are good selfies! You should use them for your assvertisements.”

space opera (n) – A sci-fi dramatic series with interplanetary warfare, melodramatic adventure and chivalric romance, like Star Wars
“Of course I love Firefly and Dune! I’m huge into space operas.”

(image via wavespot.com)

FOMO (n) – An acronym for “fear of missing out,” the anxiety that something more exciting is happening elsewhere
“Whenever I stay in and see everyone having a good time on social media, the FOMO really sets in.”

POMOsexual (n) – A postmodern (POMO) homosexual who combines high- and lowbrow culture into their personal taste
“I’m wearing these African tribal bracelets with this Sex Dwarf t-shirt because I’m a POMOsexual, darling.”

cuck (n.) – Derived from cuckold (a man whose wife cheats on him), an insult for a “weak” man who supports feminism
“Look, whenever some Trump-voting douchebag calls you a ‘cuck,’ you should take it as a compliment.”

(image via ”Stray Cats”)

incel (n.) – An involuntary celibate, usually a self-reference to men who don’t get laid because they feel like women reject them
“Straight George is throwing a pity party for himself because he thinks he’s an incel. Maybe if he had some manners, hygiene and wasn’t a men’s rights activist …”

(image via G’ O CLOCK the film)

chemsex (n) – Using mephedrone, GHB or meth to participate in hours- or days-long sex binges
“I don’t wanna yuck your yum, but we’re not smoking meth when we hook-up. I’m not into chemsex.”

(image via The Mind Museum)

dickadent (n/adj) – Immoral self-indulgence centered around dick
“Four hook-ups in one day? God, you’re so dickadent.”

(image via Miramax)

bitch tracks (n) – A ‘90s-era ballroom music track that occasionally throws shade at other performers or houses
“You’ve never heard of Junior Vasquez or Jose and Luis? Their bitch tracks helped slay the ballroom, child.”

(image via tellwhut.com)

guncle (n.) – A gay uncle
“My nieces ate unicorn-flavored ice cream and watched The Wizard of Oz because I’m the best guncle ever.”

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