Former NFL’r David Tyree: I’d Trade My Super Bowl Win To Stop Gay Marriage

Former NFL’r David Tyree: I’d Trade My Super Bowl Win To Stop Gay Marriage

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Former NFL star and Super Bowl 2007 champion David Tyree’s legacy was all set to be that of an accomplished sports hero. But now it’s looking like he will be remembered as that guy who tried to bribe God with a Super Bowl ring to put an end to gay marriage in America.

Oh dear.

“The catch was a gift, it’s not like I’d try to do it. I couldn’t do it again so that was a miracle,” he said. “There’s nothing worth more than [maintaining heterosexual marriage] right here for me.”

Asked if he’d give up the Super Bowl to stop gay marriage, Tyree said: “Honestly, I probably would.”

“Nothing means more to me than that my God would be honored,” he said. “Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that’s something that should be fought for at all costs.”

“So I’ll lay down everything I am to preserve the honor and integrity of the God that I serve.”

He said last week gay marriage would lead to anarchy. Today, he said, the morality of a country is defined by its law.

“So once you allow something like same-sex marriage, it opens up the door for a continual softening to the backbone of our society, which will eventually, for generations to come, open up the door for who knows, polygamy, and all other” things.

To be fair, the reporter set him up with the question, but still… Had I been offered the opportunity to barter my sparkly worldy possessions for heavenly political intervention, I would politely end the interview rather than risk letting the world know I was a straight up crazy person, which Tyree has done here.

Bonus: Check out an equally riveting video of Tyree backtracking on earlier claims that gay marriage would lead to “anarchy.” Tyree has been confronted several times now about the fact that he does not seem to understand what the word anarchy even means.


(via NY Daily News)

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