goodluck jonathan, nigeria, same-sex marriage prohibition act, marriage equality, africa, homophobia, lgbtq, gay rights, queer rights, same-sex marriage
goodluck jonathan, nigeria, same-sex marriage prohibition act, marriage equality, africa, homophobia, lgbtq, gay rights, queer rights, same-sex marriage

Former Nigerian President Speaks Out For Marriage Equality

Unfortunately, the religious right in America has stoked homophobic fires all throughout Africa. The good news is that people like Goodluck Jonathan, the former president of Nigeria, aren’t going to stand for it anymore. At a forum on economics, he spoke out against an act that not only bans same-sex marriage but makes same-sex affection punishable with up to 10 years in prison. We’ve got that and more news about marriage equality around the world in this month’s roundup.

  • The European Parliament renewed calls for all EU members to recognize same-sex marriages performed in countries where the ceremony is legal.  In Pakistan a group of clerics issued a religious decree stating that trans people with “visible signs” indicating their gender may marry individuals of the opposite sex, though they may not enter into same-sex marriage. 

  • Speaking at an international forum on economics, former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan said that the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act should be reconsidered. In addition to outlawing gay marriage, the Act penalizes public displays of affection and ‘gay organizations’ with up to 10 years in prison. 

  • In Barbados the Attorney General spoke at a panel titled Same Sex Relations — A Right or an Abomination? and said the government would never legalize gay marriage. Meanwhile president of rights group BLGAD argued that all LGBT people want is freedom to live free of harassment and discrimination

  • In Bermuda voters rejected legalizing both same sex marriage and civil unions—however with only 46% participation of the electorate, the referendum is not considered valid. 

  • A high court in Germany granted citizenship to a child born to a South African mother who is married to a German woman. Although Germany does not grant same-sex marriages, the couple married legally in South Africa. And elsewhere, Italy’s Court of Cassation upheld a ruling granting step-child adoption between a lesbian couple.

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