Is Fran Drescher a Socialist?

Is Fran Drescher a Socialist?

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Fran Drescher, star of the hit ‘90s sitcom The Nanny, has revealed a surprising side of herself on Twitter: a red, anti-capitalist side.

Drescher’s Twitter feed is full of tweets in which she denounces how “capitalism run amok” oppresses the working class, turns people into monsters and is generally responsible for everything wrong with the world. She cries out for revolution and the death of capitalism.

Unfortunately, Drescher has not made any official public statements specifically declaring her political affiliation. Her agent doesn’t really answer questions about her revolutionary politics, and Drescher did not respond to our queries on Twitter.

It’s a shame, because we have so many questions. Is Fran Drescher really a comrade? If so, what shade of red is she? Communist? Maoist? Stalinist? Troskyist? Democratic Socialist? And when did she become interested in seizing the means of production? Was she always an advocate of the proletariat, or is this a recent change?

At any rate, we’re going to start re-watching old episodes of The Nanny to look for Marxist undertones.

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