Franco Noriega Shows Off His Banana in New Video and Photo Shoot For ‘Paper Mag’

Franco Noriega Shows Off His Banana in New Video and Photo Shoot For ‘Paper Mag’

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Thirst-trapper Franco Noriega just revealed his banana (and the other fruits of his loom) to our friends over at Paper Magazine. The sexy photo shoot accompanies a detailed interview and sensual video titled “Food Porn.” In the article, he also revealed that he closed the Lower East Side location of the Franco Noriega restaurant named Baby Brase, the clean-eating Peruvian chicken spot.

However, he will soon be opening a new, bigger location in Hell’s Kitchen. Probably to get closer to the gays who lust over him from afar on social media and blogs like us.

Eater reports: “Noriega confirms in an email that the LES location is shuttering due to a Con Ed electrical outage on the block that has made it difficult to run the restaurant. According to the restaurateur, a relocation to Hell’s Kitchen is already under way.”

Photography by Katie Levine. Collage by Portis Wasp.

“The new 69-seat space at West 50th Street and Ninth Avenue is significantly larger than the mostly takeout LES location, he says. It sounds more like the West Village location of Baby Brasa, which seats about 90, not including its private dining room space. An opening date for the Hell’s Kitchen location has not been announced.”

In his interview with Paper, Noriega revealed more than just his banana. He also opened up about his thoughts about the recent reckoning on sexual harassment in the workplace, that saw many celebrity chefs being held accountable for their behavior in their kitchens.

“I think that’s fucked up,” says Noriega. “I mean, I have no tolerance for [harassment] and I think, you know, it’s great that people are speaking up. It’s very clear for me and everybody on my staff, that’s something we don’t accept.”

For Noriega, attraction isn’t about dominance, but rather confidence. “I encourage people to really try to be healthy because it’s not only about the outside and the aesthetics of how you look — it’s also how you feel. It’s great when people are able to fit in jeans or in a dress they like, but it’s also great because they have a sense of security that’s very important.”


For more pics of Franco Noriega, head here.

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