Franco Noriega, the Sexiest Chef in the World

Franco Noriega, the Sexiest Chef in the World

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Last week, a video of Franco Noriega went viral on facebook, hitting more than 6.7 million views! The video shows a shirtless, hairy-chested, ripped man making a chia pudding! The pudding looked delicious, but the best part was his nice bulge in several shots. (We don’t know if this was intentional, but either way, we love it.)

But who is this sexy, sexy man? Noriega is a well-trained chef, originally from Peru and now living in NYC. He started working as a model — but once he got enough money, he made one of his dreams come true: He opened a peruvian restaurant, Baby Brassa. Sexy and he can cook? We’re in love!

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