Frank Ocean’s Thoughts on The Orlando Shooting Will Give You Chills, Tears

Frank Ocean’s Thoughts on The Orlando Shooting Will Give You Chills, Tears

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“… I was six years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a faggot as he dragged me out a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty. That was the last afternoon I saw my father and the first time I heard that word, I think, although it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t. Many hate us and wish we didn’t exist. Many are annoyed by our wanting to be married like everyone else or use the correct restroom like everyone else. Many don’t see anything wrong with passing down the same old values that send thousands of kids into suicidal depression each year. So we say pride and we express love for who and what we are. Because who else will in earnest?…”

Possibly bisexual singer Frank Ocean’s thoughts on the Orlando Shooting. His entire Tumblr post goes into anti-queer religious violence and his hopes for the future. Ocean came out in 2012 after a Tumblr post mentioning his relationship with another man. When asked by a journalist if he was bisexual, Ocean demurred a response.

In related news, Nicki Minaj has been criticized for not speaking about the shooting and even un-following a Twitter user who questioned her silence despite her many gay fans.

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