We’re Kinda in Love With This Freeballing ‘Dreamgirls’ Fan and His Whipped Cream Routine

We’re Kinda in Love With This Freeballing ‘Dreamgirls’ Fan and His Whipped Cream Routine

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This video may be going on six months old now, but hey, freeballing and Dreamgirls is a combination that never goes out of style, right? That’s what we thought.

We just came across this a-little-bit-funny but a-whole-lot-hot video in which a guy named Griff Twombley-King (what a name, right?) was recorded by his hubby Rick performing an impromptu “routine” in the kitchen.

(Sidenote: Griff and Rick live in Atlanta are both total hotties. They got married last December in what we can only assume was an amazing, super sexy ceremony.)

Says the original Facebook post: “What happens when you put a former chubby kid in charge of dessert?? Well, you’re gonna love it ! ???? Especially the explosive happy ending???”

And if you stick around to the very end of the performance, there is most definitely an “explosive happy ending” involving that can of whipped cream Griff has turned into a microphone.

While Griff effortlessly nails every note and every run of Jennifer Hudson’s version of “And I Am Telling You” from the 2006 film version of Dreamgirls (personally we would have preferred Jennifer Holliday’s 1982 version, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers), there’s something else altogether that might keep you enraptured.

It looks like Griff doesn’t like wearing underwear (again, not complaining, per se) and is sporting a pair of grey basketball shorts, which are basically a gift to gay men handed down by the Lordt.

Those shorts are, uh, quite revealing, Griff. Please always wear them.

The only thing we don’t quite understand about what happens in the video, which you’ll see after you watch: Why the hell are you chucking what we presume to be perfectly good cupcakes?! Not cool, bruh. Not cool.


Watch the video of the freeballing Dreamgirls fan here:

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