French Right-Wingers Vandalize HIV Poster Campaign

French Right-Wingers Vandalize HIV Poster Campaign

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Last month, the French Ministry of Health launched its very first public HIV prevention campaign. The campaign specifically targeted men who have sex with men. The Ministry launched the website and promoted it with 8,000 posters in 130 French cities.

The posters—photographed by Anton Renborg—shared information about the importance of getting tested, the importance of PrEP and TasP (Treatment as Prevention). One caption read, “With a lover, with a friend, with an unknown. Situations vary. And so do modes of protection.”

The French conservative movement responded by vandalizing posters. Not just that, but in a dozen towns, mayors yielded to pressure and pulled the posters from bus shelters and other public places.

They previously protested LGBTQ equality by dressing as birds. Seriously.

The good news is that the French Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, is planning on suing these towns. She also launched the hashtag #loveislove to encourage people to share images of the posters online.

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