A French Spyware Company Wants to Help Parents Uncover Their Sons’ Sexuality

A French Spyware Company Wants to Help Parents Uncover Their Sons’ Sexuality

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Fireworld is a french firm that specializes in “invisible PC spy software.” Generally, spyware like this isn’t well-received by the internet at large. Still, Fireworld found a way to make spying software’s reputation even worse. According to the BBC, Fireworld posted an article — now deleted — on their site suggesting parents use their software to “find out if your son is gay.”

The article told parents they could hack his Facebook account, or look at his browser history to see if he’d visited gay websites. (If there’s any gay French teens reading this, Bonjour!)

While both of those are relatively easy methods to spy on your child — um, gross — the article continued with more signs. The ideas are so stereotypical they’d be funny if the article weren’t serious. Other “warning signs” included:

We’re surprised “lisping” and “being a wacky neighbor on a sitcom” weren’t also on the list.

If you’ve noticed, we’ve only been using male pronouns. The article made no mention of what to do if your daughter might be gay. After all, it seems in the minds of many straight homophobes, gay men are icky, but lesbians are hot.

The company’s response left something to be desired. In a response, Fireworld said “the article had the sole aim of improving search engine optimization and was never intended to be read by humans.” We’re not sure if we buy it, though — after all, a lot of sites engage in search engine optimization without posting homophobic articles.

Not only is using software to spy on your children to find out if they’re gay a gross thing to do, it’s also illegal. French law states that it’s illegal to install spyware on someone else’s computer to monitor it without their knowledge.

But if there’s any parents reading this: If you’ve got to install spyware on your kid’s computer to find out if they’re LGBTQ — maybe there’s a reason they don’t trust you enough to tell you.


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