‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Actress Constance Wu Denounces Casey Affleck’s Oscar Nomination

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Actress Constance Wu Denounces Casey Affleck’s Oscar Nomination

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Constance Wu, who plays the mom on Fresh Off the Boat, has spoken out against Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination for Manchester by the Sea due to the actor’s alleged history of sexual harassment. Wu let loose on Twitter in a series of missives:

Fellow actress Heather Matarazzo, who won our hearts in the ‘90s cult favorite Welcome to the Dollhouse, chimed in with support:

Two different women, Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka, filed sexual harassment suits against Affleck in 2010. New York Magazine writes:

In her complaint, White claimed that Affleck constantly discussed his “sexual exploits” during filming, and that at one point, he directed another crew member to show her his penis, despite her objections. White also alleged that Affleck once attempted to get her to stay in a hotel room with him, and when she said no, he “grabbed her in a hostile manner in an effort to intimidate her into complying.” Gorka described similar behavior in her complaint, including a disturbing incident in which Affleck allegedly crawled into bed with her while she was sleeping.


When it comes to misogyny and other forms of bigotry, Hollywood is quick to condemn the Republican Party (and rightly so). But when it comes to their own industry, too many entertainers are willing to look the other way.

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