Funny or Die: Dan Savage Threatens To Redefine ‘Rick’

Funny or Die: Dan Savage Threatens To Redefine ‘Rick’

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Ricki Lake! Rick Dees! Andy Richter! Richter from X-Force! Rickets! Some of these Ricks have teamed up with Dan Savage to speak out against Rick “frothy mix of lube and fecal matter” Santorum’s continued badmouthing of the LGBT community.

The secret backstory:

Santorum is all, “Gays fuck dogs.” And Savage like, “BAM! Google bomb! Santorum means sexy butt juice!” Then Santorum cries, “Don’t taze me bro!” Finally, an actual living, breathing puddle of Santorum is all, “You’re sullying my reputation by comparing me to a monster like Richard Santorum, my good sir!”

In any case, just watch the damn video. It’s quite good!

Thoughts? What do you think of the new definition of “Rick”?

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