Furries vs Volleyball Girls: The Ultimate Twitter Smackdown

Furries vs Volleyball Girls: The Ultimate Twitter Smackdown

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A furry is a person who dresses in animal costumes. A volleyball player is an athlete who spikes balls to score points. Both enjoy getting together in groups of like-minded folks; neither likes being harassed.

This past January, a San Jose hotel booked a furry convention alongside a high school girls’ volleyball tournament. The convention, FURther CONfusion, hosted about 3,000 furries dressed as wolves, mooses, pandas, oxen and such. The volleyball tournament brought in young female athletes from high schools around the country.

At first, the two groups got along without incident. And then, a Twitter user who goes by the name “Hottie McThottie” (probably not her Christian name) had something unkind to say:

Of course, the furries did not care for that.

In fact, she’s written about furries before!

But on this particular night she was displeased about furries. Then a friend chimed in to agree:

The furries all piled in after that to voice their displeasure.

Hottie’s Twitter inbox was clearly blowing up at this point, because she then tweeted this:

Someone photoshopped a fursuit head on someone’s volleyball pic, which is a little unkind, but we’re not sure to whom.

But a lot of the furries were actually pretty nice about it.

At the end of the day everyone calmed down and felt pretty chill about the whole thing.

Good job, everyone! See you at ConFuzzled (May 22 to 26 in Birmingham, England).

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