Furrific! 20 Pics That’ll Make You Wish You Were At Sitges Bear Week

Furrific! 20 Pics That’ll Make You Wish You Were At Sitges Bear Week

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Sitges, the Spanish coastal town about 21 miles west of Barcelona, has long been a gay and lesbian vacation spot because of their carnival (which usually occurs sometime between February and March) and their Bear Week (which just happened this last week). Of the town’s three nudist beaches, the bears primary play at the Playa del Muerto, the Beach of the Dead.

Despite it ominous-sounding name, the beach is full of life with lots of sexy, hirsute guys playing in the waves and bars like El Horno, Ruby’s bear cave and XXL. We rounded up some of the best pics from Sitges Bear Week so you can snack on them like sweet bits of honeycomb.

Naturally, we’ll start with our favorite photograph (the reason should be apparent)…

Bear week sitges..?????

A photo posted by Marco (@jov_marco) on

Quintessential Mark and Trevor! #dragqueen #summer #instagay #bear? #sitgesbearweek2016

A photo posted by Keegan Charles (@keegan.charles) on

The beautiful Ariana Grande. #Sitges #sitgesbearweek2016 #summer #grande

A photo posted by Keith Marron (@keithmarron) on

Pool Party 2016 ❤️ My Friends #goodtimes #sitgesbearweek2016 #estiu2016

A photo posted by FranMargarit (@francesc_margarit) on

Ultra Bears!! #sitgesbearweek2016 #popair #popairparty

A photo posted by POPair Party (@popairparty) on

Viva el mundo PELO!!! #sitgesbearweek2016 #popair #popairparty

A photo posted by POPair Party (@popairparty) on

Resaca y pelo por la playa!! #sitgesbearweek2016 #popairparty #popair

A photo posted by POPair Party (@popairparty) on

Missing bear beach big time, back to work tomorrow?? ps WHATEVER muscle dh12 boys, I’m real and taking the crown ha ha #iamdh12

A photo posted by ⒸⓞⓞⓟⓔⓡтнєⒸⓤⓑ?? (@cooperthecub) on

Tarde perfecta con amigos en Balmins… #sitgesbearweek2016 #popairparty #popair

A photo posted by POPair Party (@popairparty) on

Cake by the ocean. #beawarrior #sitges2016 #sitgesbearweek2016

A photo posted by NoelNoblett™ (@noelnoblett) on

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Featured image at top courtesy GaySitgesGuide.com

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