AWWWW! Furry Conference-Goers Comfort Syrian Child Refugees

AWWWW! Furry Conference-Goers Comfort Syrian Child Refugees

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It used to be a common sport on the Internet to make fun of furries. Here at Unicorn Booty, we don’t do to that — that’s so ’90s — and here’s a good reason why: furries are really friendly.

Last weekend was the VancouFur convention at the Executive Airport Plaza in Richmond, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver). As it turned out, that weekend coincided with the arrival of a group of Syrian refugees to Canada who were housed at the same hotel.

Such a combination could have been awkward: being on the outside of a furry convention is strange enough, but when you’ve got a language barrier, it must be a whole heapin’ helpin’ of strangeness. But VancouFur really stepped up and created something magical.

Kind as that letter is, there was one error in it: Rather than the refugees “likely not want[ing] to interact” with the furries, the sight fursuits proved absolutely magical to the Syrian kids.

Just think: These kids have gone through one of the most stressful things in their lives — having to flee their war-torn homes, going to a strange country where they don’t speak the language and having to go through the refugee relocation process. It’s a nightmare if you’re an adult — imagine how it must be for a kid.

And then, when they finally get to your new homeland, they’re greeted by a bunch of cartoon characters come to life, who welcome you, hug you and dance with you.

Sometimes life is magic.

(Featured image via JayCat/Twitter)

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