The Homoerotic Volleyball Scene in ‘Future Man’ Will Make the Straightest Bro Question His Sexuality

The Homoerotic Volleyball Scene in ‘Future Man’ Will Make the Straightest Bro Question His Sexuality

Written by Danny Addice on December 13, 2017
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Editors note: This post contains some thirst-heavy, non-vital spoilers from the first season of Hulu’s Future Man.

When Seth Rogen & Co. step behind a project, you know that you’re in for laughs. Sure, some of it’s bro-heavy, potty humor but it’s usually nuanced with some smarter, meatier dialogue. Also, sometimes, you just want to laugh at something as dumb as Josh Hutcherson accidentally cumming on another dude while masturbating to a video game character.

Future Man focuses on a subsequent dystopia where the human race is on the verge of extinction. A video game is sent back in time to find the one, true savior. The only problem is, in the future, video game characters are an extension of the player themselves. Meaning they’re fit and ready to kick ass, unlike Hutcherson’s character, the first winner of the video game.

Two of the last members of the human race, Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) travel back in time to meet their ‘savior,’ Hutcherson’s character, Josh Futterman. A lot more time-travel ensues, much of which focuses on Tiger and Wolf’s inability to understand the world around them, having come from a world without any history of the past in which they live in the gutters eating rats.

But we’re really here to focus one very specific part of the show. The Future Man volleyball scene, which may just be the sexiest volleyball scene ever filmed.

And we know what you’re thinking — here’s another cliche moment where heterosexual characters touching each other is funny because being gay is funny. Which would be true, if Wolf wasn’t notably pan/bisexual. In an earlier episode, Wolf propositioned Josh, and later, the two actually have sex during an orgy. And Wolf even is fucking Josh with his own  dick, after they accidentally swapped junk due to a glitch. Does anyone else smell a Golden Globe?

Anyway, enjoy one of the hottest, gayest bro-tastic moments in recent TV by way of this Future Man volleyball montage.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 5

The boys start off rough.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 4

Spike it, Daddy.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 3

Poor Wolf doesn’t understand the game yet.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 2

And there’s some taunting via whiteboy dance moves.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 1

But then Wolf gets the hang of things.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 6

And things start really heating up.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 16

Like, really heating up.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 17

Celebratory bro muscle flexing and shout.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 18



Future Man Volleyball Scene 18



Future Man Volleyball Scene 133

“You want a piece of this?” Yes, actually, the whole thing, please.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 144

And then things Wolf starts ~~*bonding*~~ with his partner Blaze.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 199

“Let me just pat down your sweaty pec, bro.”


Future Man Volleyball Scene 1443

Bicep kiss!


Future Man Volleyball Scene 132

What a time to be the air between their chests.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 1434

“Is that cake ready to be eaten? Let’s check.”


Future Man Volleyball Scene 1443

Ride him like a cowboy gay man.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 194994

Yeah, Blaze and Wolf are so totally not just your Sean Cody names.


Future Man Volleyball Scene 12322

Choke me, daddies.


And if that wasn’t queer enough for you, this is what Josh Hutcherson’s character is doing during that scene.

Future Man Volleyball scene Josh Hutcherson drag



Feature image via Hulu

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