This is the future that liberals want
This is the future that liberals want

Twitter Trolls an Angry Right-Winger with ‘The Future That Liberals Want’

Snarky Twitter users have turned one grumpy right-winger’s anti-diversity message into a funny, surrealistic meme.

Yesterday, a Twitter account associated with an alt-right message board posted an image of a Muslim woman and a glorious queen on the subway together with a caption: “This is the future that liberals want.”

Two people from different cultures peacefully co-existing while using eco-friendly public services? That sounds lovely, actually. We genuinely do want that future.

Or, as one Twitter user quipped:

Other users began posting images of their own.

Many of them riffed on the fact that the supposedly terrifying liberal future looked pretty great:

Some played up the whole “subway quirkiness” angle:

Some got a little surreal:

Others were just gay:

We look forward to the surreal gay multicultural subway future.

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