Final Fantasy: 21 Pieces of the Game’s Best Queer Fan Art

Final Fantasy: 21 Pieces of the Game’s Best Queer Fan Art

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Well, Final Fantasy XV is out, and you know what that means—fan art! Lots and lots of fan art. Much of it incredibly raunchy. And where better to collect some of that debauchery than Tumblr, where anything—and we do mean anything—goes.

We’ve collected some of our favorite fan pieces here, keeping it just barely on this side of tasteful.

Let’s start with the man who provided the face for the lovely Nyx from this summer’s Kingsglaive film; technically this isn’t fan art, unless you consider nature itself a FFXV fan.

And now for some Gladiolus. Let’s assume he never wears underwear.


And a little peek at the royal taint:


You know this is what happens the moment they get to the hotel.


Here’s how we had to sustain ourselves with FFXIV art until this new game came out.


Someone quick cuddle up with Kimahri, he’s looking a little chilly!

Ahh, so that’s what Vivi looks like under his robes.


This art is simple but it works because of all that is left to the imagination. (Butts.)

No spoilers but at one point Noctis has a beard and we all died it was perfect the end.


Somehow Prompto managed to do a double-selfie and now we want twins.

Fun fact: Prompto’s character design was originally a bit more femme but he got butched up because there was an outcry about androgyny. That’s lame, but we’ll always have our femmy-Prompto fan art:


And you know, even when he’s looking butch, it’s a nice effect.

Ugh the shipping on these two, it just never ends, and never should.


But this couple’s pretty cute too.


Oh and hey, young Gladio! Let’s always remember him like this. Pantless.

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