There Have Been 9 Attacks on Gay Bars or Patrons Since the Orlando Tragedy

There Have Been 9 Attacks on Gay Bars or Patrons Since the Orlando Tragedy

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This weekend, two people got injured after an unknown attacker tossed a tear gas canister into an LGBT celebration at a Serbian nightclub. A Google news search reveals that this is the ninth attack on a gay venue since the June 12, 2016 Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida. Here are the eight others in chronological order:

1) June 12, 2016 – A 19-year-old shot patrons standing outside of the Paradise Nightclub in California with a paintball gun.

2) July 14, 2016 – Armed suspects mugged a group of men outside of an Atlanta gay bar.

3) Aug. 16, 2016 – An employee of the Castro bar Badlands got viciously beaten while leaving work.

4) Aug. 24 2016 – A 62-year-old man put hydrochloric acid into a lube dispenser at a gay sex club; no injuries were reported.

5) Nov. 12, 2016 – A Texas State student says he was beaten and called gay slur while walking home in high heels from the Stonewall Warehouse gay bar.

6) December 2016 – Two separate attacks outside of Austin gay venues resulted in a broken nose and a knocked out tooth.

7) Jan. 16, 2017 – Five people were killed by a gunman at a gay-friendly nightclub in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

8) Jan. 28, 2017 – A young man got assaulted by two men after leaving two Nashville gay bars.

In addition to these nine attacks, there have also been eight threats made against LGBT venues and patrons including threats of Orlando-style attacks made by a San Diego marine, a Florida con man, a Brooklyn man and a Florida high school student. Threats had also been made against two Atlanta nightclubs, the Las Vegas gay community and the gay community in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

LGBTQ clubs and pride events have increased security measures since the Orlando nightclub attack, but LGBTQ activists have noted that such “measures could discourage LGBTQ people who are not documented, white, and cis from attending such self-affirming celebrations in the first place.” An upcoming queer-centered panel at the 2017 South by Southwest music festival entitled “Safe Space to Rock: Combating Harassment in Music” will examine how to make LGBTQ-inclusive venues secure and welcoming for all.

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