Gay-Bashers Become First Same-Sex Couple to Wed Behind Bars in UK

Gay-Bashers Become First Same-Sex Couple to Wed Behind Bars in UK

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On Saturday, March 28, two men convicted of murdering gay men became the first same-sex couple to wed while incarcerated in the UK.

Both men were found guilty of murdering gay men and met each other through their prison “bar staff” jobs while serving time at Full Sutton Prison in East Yorkshire.

40-year-old Mikhail Ivan Gallanitov is serving a 20-year sentence for strangling a 28-year old man he met through a gay hook-up website in 1997. His husband, 31-year-old Marc Goodwin, is serving a life sentence for beating a 57-year old man to death in a “gay-bashing spree” in 2007.

The Marriage Act of 1983 gave UK prisoners the right to legally wed behind bars. But it wan’t until March of 2014 that same-sex marriage became legal in the UK. Gallanitov and Goodwin apparently have been seeking to wed for years, having applied previously for a civil union.

Registrars performed the reportedly short, small ceremony which was attended by a handful of friends and family. The pair exchanged vows and kisses and enjoyed a slice of cake cut with a plastic knife.

Though the two remarked that they are “soul partners,” Gallanitov and Goodwin will not be allowed to share a cell. Goodwin is expected to serve another 10 years. Gallanitov will be considered for parole next year.

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