gay bi steroids
gay bi steroids

Gay and Bi Teens Use Way More Illicit Steroids, Study Says

According to a study published in Pediatrics, gay and bisexual teen boys use illicit steroids way more than straight boys do.

Researchers found that 21% of gay or bi boys said that they had used steroids, versus 4% of straight boys—that’s almost six times more. 8% of gay or bi teens reported moderate use, compared to less than 2% of straight boys. And 4% of gay or bi teens reported heavy use, compared to less than 1% of straight boys.

What explains the difference? Maybe queer kids want to bulk up to fend off attackers. Or maybe they’re chasing a beauty ideal; queer men are much more likely to have eating disorders as well. The LGBTQ also has higher rates of substance abuse, due to social stigma.

(Header image via Pexels)

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