Gay Bowler Beaten – Assault At the Alley News

Gay Bowler Beaten – Assault At the Alley

Written by Kevin Farrell on March 27, 2017
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Seth Park

Elk Grove, California resident Seth Park was beaten outside of a local bowling alley by two men who shoted “faggot” over and over during the attack. While we loathe reporting news like this, we also hated having to choose a headline. Gay Bowler Bashed? Strikes Player Struck? Decisions, decisions.

Sacramento’s CBS 13 reports:

Doctors told Seth Park he will need corrective surgery for four fractures around an eye and damaged nerves in his face after two men allegedly attacked him in a bowling alley parking lot.

The attack was launched after he tried to defend his two female friends from the suspects, who tried to aggressively proposition them, Parker said.

The man who first struck him began shouting gay slurs after the attack.

“He repeatedly said that over and over and over, like a ridiculous amount of repetition,” Parker said.

The verbal assault made the aftermath of the physical attack more shocking and has even led the victim to question his decision to live his life as an openly gay man.

“For that one moment, I guess last night, I really felt torn down and I felt that maybe being myself wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing,” Parker said.

What on earth is with this recent string of attacks against LGBT people? Is violence against gays increasing? Or are we just hearing about it more because victims are bravely telling their harrowing stories to the media?

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