Gay Men at Twice The Risk of Cancer As Straight Men

Gay Men at Twice The Risk of Cancer As Straight Men

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What is it about being gay that nearly doubles the risk of cancer in men? Increased exposure to HPV via anal sex? Brain rot from those gay blogs that just have a bunch of boys in their underwear? Hesitance to see a doctor when something may be wrong?

A large study in California released Monday found that cancer may be nearly twice as prevalent among gay men as among straight men.

The study relied on self-reported data from the California Health Interview survey, the largest state survey of its kind in the United States, and included more than 120,000 people over three years: 2001, 2003 and 2005.

A total of 3,690 men reported a cancer diagnosis as adults. Gay men were 1.9 times as likely as straight men to have been diagnosed with cancer, said the study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer.

Ladies, you can relax. The study found no increased cancer rates among lesbian women compared to heterosexual women. It’s also worth noting that the study relied on cancer survivors self-reporting. Further research is needed to determine the specifics of why gays are all…gay for cancer.

Let’s get on that right away, please.


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