Is There Something in the Water? Gay Celebrity Relationships Are Ending Left and Right

Is There Something in the Water? Gay Celebrity Relationships Are Ending Left and Right

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Some of our favorite gay celebrity relationships have called it quits recently, making us wonder if there’s such a thing as true love. Before we decide to just give up searching for love for ourselves, though, let’s take a look back at these four gay celebrity relationships that have recently called things off.

Here are 4 gay celebrity relationships that have recently been disbanded:

1. Christian Siriano and husband Brad Walsh

Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh

One of our favorite fashion designers — and one of Hollywood’s, too, as of late — has apparently broken up with his husband of two years. It was Christian Siriano‘s new ex-husband Brad Walsh who revealed the two are no longer together through an Instagram story yesterday.

“Bit more than a month ago my husband and I separated. I was contacted by a writer for a website who somehow found out, so rather than let them break it, I’m telling you myself. It’s nobody’s business and I don’t want to discuss, but that’s what up,” Walsh, a singer, explained.

Siriano’s rep confirmed the breakup. “They’re separated,” the rep told Us Weekly in a statement. “They were together for 11 years, love each other very much and request privacy at this time.”

The pair tied the knot during a lavish ceremony in Danbury, Connecticut, in July 2016. Actress Kristen Johnson officiated their wedding, with 150 wedding guests witnessing the exchange of vows, including Kelly Osbourne, Jay Manuel and Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks.

2. Daniel Franzese and fiancé Joseph Bradley Philips

Daniel Franzese and Joseph Bradley Phillips

Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese announced today that he and fiancé Joseph Bradley Phillips have called off their nearly two-year-long engagement.

“Sometimes shooting stars shine so brightly that they burn out, and now we must go separate ways, but I hope my path always crosses with his,” Franzese — who played Damian in the hit movie — wrote on social media. “Joseph Bradley Phillips and I have decided to part ways, break our engagement promise and continue on into the future as friends.”

Franzese added that they “cared so much for each other that [they] ignored things that were important to our individual personal growth,” and noted the couple took “some time to heal before letting everyone know” about the split.

Franzese proposed to Phillips in 2016 at the Starbucks where they first met. He had a barista call out “Mr. and Mr. Franzese” before he got down on one knee.

3. Colton Haynes and husband Jeff Leatham

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham

After six months of marriage, actor Colton Haynes and florist Jeff Leatham called it quits earlier this year, announcing their separation in May 2018. News of a breakup first surfaced after Haynes had noticeably deleted photos with Leatham on his Instagram. (The pair had also unfollowed each other.) Haynes later changed his name from “Colton Haynes-Leatham” to just “Colton Haynes” on Instagram and removed “husband” from his bio, as well.

source confirmed the split to Us Weekly on Friday, May 4.

“Jeff and Colton have been having relationship issues since a couple months after the wedding,” the insider explained. “Since Colton stopped talking to a lot of his old friends, he was getting really depressed and didn’t feel like himself.”

The cute couple had tied the knot in a romantic ceremony at a Palm Springs hotel in October 2017. Kris Jenner officiated the ceremony, and it was attended by celebrities including Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Melanie Griffith, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Chelsea Clinton.

The wedding took place six months after a lavish proposal that included a special video message from Cher and fireworks.

4. Anderson Cooper and longtime boyfriend Benjamin Maisani

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper

In March 2018, news anchor Anderson Cooper revealed that he and Benjamin Maisani, part owner of Club Cumming, had recently broken up after nine years of being one of the most well-known gay celebrity relationships in the world.

“Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much,” Cooper said in a statement. “We remain the best of friends, and will continue to share much of our lives together.”

The Daily Mail reported that Cooper had been getting cozy with a 33-year-old Dallas doctor named Victor Lopez after splitting from Maisani. The site adds that Cooper has flown down to Dallas no fewer than five times after December to see the doctor. The pair have even appeared together in photos celebrating Mardi Gras and lounging in hotel rooms.

In 2014, Maisani spoke to French Morning about the public attention surrounding his relationship with Cooper, and why they had been so careful about keeping it as private as possible.

“I understand that it interests people, but it doesn’t interest me,” he said. “Like most people, I never really thought about it, and I never wanted to be a celebrity. I knew I’d have to be careful right from the start before it had a chance to get out of hand.”

Last month Hornet had the chance to speak with Cooper, who said about the public’s captivation with his personal life, “I ask people questions, and people choose whether or not to answer them. I am not one to force people to answer questions. It’s my job to ask those questions, but I do definitely get why people would want to ask those questions of me as well.”

What do you think of these failed gay celebrity relationships? Is something in the water?

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