This Sexy Adult Coloring Book for Men Who Admire Men Colors All Our Fantasies

This Sexy Adult Coloring Book for Men Who Admire Men Colors All Our Fantasies

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Get out your box! No, not that one. Your crayon box, of course! Our friends over at OutBuzz have just printed an adult coloring book for men who admire men, and we want one!

The description reads: “The scruffy cowboy, the twink in the pool, the boy in the locker room, the daddy in the corner. All the men are yours. Because life is better in color. Coloring Men is a coloring book for adults who admire men. Great as a gift or new addition to your coffee table. You’ll love coloring in these lines!”

So why are they doing this?

“Coloring books for adults are fun, relaxing and have been making their way into the mainstream, a spokesperson from OutBuzz tells us. “The idea for an OutBuzz coloring book was born when we discovered a gay illustrator, Daniel Marin Medina, and loved his work so much that we wanted to enjoy it in an interactive coloring book format.”

“From the initial concept we aimed to celebrate the diverse beauty of the male form. The coloring book is inclusive of different colors, sizes and flavors of men.”

Medina’s illustrations attempts to include a diverse spectrum as much as possible in terms of bodies, shapes and sizes.

“Inclusivity and diversity are common themes in the book. Although there is a focus on athletic types, readers will enjoy coloring, a middle-aged bear, muscle guys, twinks, twonks, athletes and men of different races.”

“Daniel’s work is inclusive of many body types, ages and races of people. It is important for him to explore the human form as is and translate it through his artwork.”

This is just the beginning of OutBuzz’s publishing pursuits, as they are looking to publish more books in real life and off line.

“This is our first foray into print publishing, but we’re already aching to do some more printed books that showcase and celebrate the works of gay artists. The next stage would be higher-end coffee table books that explore different themes.”

To pick up your copy, visit here.

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