gay couple in Valentine's Day ad
gay couple in Valentine's Day ad

This Real Gay Couple Was Featured in a Valentine’s Day Hallmark Ad (Video)

A Valentine’s Day ad for Hallmark features a real gay couple whose marriage proposal video went viral on YouTube in 2013.

The Gaily Grind writes:

Spencer Stout and Dustin Reeser became overnight internet sensations when their Home Depot flash mob marriage proposal went viral.

“This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate extraordinary love stories all around us,” the ad’s description reads. “And we honor them with #NoOrdinaryCard.”

A frame of Stout and Reeser’s video (pictured below) appears in the Hallmark ad.

Stout and Reeser’s viral video also got them interviewed on The Ellen Show. The video currently has over 13 million views.

Lush Cosmetics is celebrating the holiday with ads featuring same-sex couples as well.

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