These 22 Cute Couples Costumes Have Got Us Feeling Extra Single This Halloween

These 22 Cute Couples Costumes Have Got Us Feeling Extra Single This Halloween

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Whether or not you’re into Halloween or in a couple yourself, one thing is for sure: Gay couples costumes are really cute. Yes, they can be eye-roll worthy, especially if you’re single and choosing to sit this Halloween out.

Regardless of our own feelings, our feeds are still full of hot gay couples pairing up in looks that are like-worthy. We rounded-up 22 instances where the gay couples costumes are so cute, they’re making us feel even more single than we already felt before.

Grab a pint of ice cream and enjoy these couples’ costumes, maybe next year we’ll have a boo to say “boo” with, too.

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Here are 22 cute gay couples costumes you have to see:

Police Officers

Who knew all you needed for a costume was a harness, workout leggings and police badge?


The Rescue Rangers

Happy #halloweenie from the Rescue Rangers!

A post shared by Kit (@kitwilliamson) on

We’re loving this cute take on a unique Disney duo that doesn’t get done too much.


Riddler and Joker

Why bother being a hero when being the villain is so much more fun?


Ash and Pikachu

#ashandpikachu #ghostship #nychalloween #boyfriends #pikapika

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We’ll gladly hold his Poke ball.


Football players

These two are giving us a reason to pretend we like sports.


Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too

#happyhalloween ? #lovewins ❤???? #gayblacklove ? #poohbear ? #tigger ? #winniethepooh ? #halloween17

A post shared by Eric Fitzgerald Jr (@elatedcuisine) on

We’ll gladly explore their 100-Acre Woods any Halloween!


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to the rescue! ??

A post shared by Hunter J. Regian (@hunter_nut_cheerios) on



A merman and his king

How do we become part of their world?


Hell Marys


A post shared by Modern Men (@modern_men_uk) on

“Oh my God, I am heartly sorry for having offended thee and I detest all my sins because I drank the loss of heaven and the pain of hell. But most of all, because I love thee and I want so badly to be good.” (Those are Madonna lyrics.)


Vampires (again)

They’re cute, but we feel kind of sorry for (or envious of) their lady friend.


Mormon Boys

Halloween flashback to my missionary roots #missionary #halloween #gayhusbands #husbands #love

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This pair’s costume is from last year, but it’s so good we had to share it.


Poison Ivy and Catwoman


A post shared by donell✨ (@thedjf) on

We’re just scratching ourselves with envy over these dragtastic costumes.



Iconic 1945 kiss but less straight

A post shared by Mike Del (@mikedelmoro) on

An iconic kiss with a gay twist.


Plastic surgeon and patient

Happy #Halloween! Half off all nips and tucks courtesy of Dr. Plastic Fantastic is our treat- no tricks!

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Who said there was such a thing as too much filler?


Eliza Mineliz and her pornstar boy toy

Eliza Mineliz and her pornstar boy toy #halloween2017 #thefactory #mandywarholsthefactory #abuelajuanita

A post shared by Javi Perez (@javipee) on

We’re guessing this is a homage to Liza Minelli and we’re here for it!



We have no idea what is happening here but they’re gay and famous so we guess they get a pass.



With a Taylor Swift reference in the caption? Yes, please!


Glitter bombs

??✨✨???????✨✨?? @scorpiotopaz

A post shared by Ryan Htut (@kinghtut) on

They’re still finding glitter in places they didn’t know existed.


Baseball players

Good game bruh. ⚾️

A post shared by Josey Greenwell (@joseygreenwell) on

Halloween is canceled.


Zeus and Poseidon

Zeus forgot to purchase his lightning bolt ?⚡️??

A post shared by Hayden Schelble (@hschelble) on

No worries Zeus… you can hold ours.


Mickey and Mickey

Minnie who?


Joker and Batman

There’s trouble in Gotham Tonight. #halloween #boyfriends #batman #joker #bodypaint #fun

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It’s all fun and games until Batman gets hit with a baseball bat.


Batman and Robin

Happy #Halloween, aka #Skinnyween! #batman #robin #costume #dynamicduo #instagay #boyfriends #? #? #capedcrusader

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Classic and cute.