Gay Couples Sneak Into Texas Mass Wedding

Gay Couples Sneak Into Texas Mass Wedding

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Two dozen gay and lesbian couples have made big news today by walking right into an annual mass wedding performed on the steps of the San Antonio courthouse, and exchanging vows alongside the 150 heterosexual couples being wed.

The protest for marriage equality was inspired in part by slain Ugandan activist David Kato, and the necessity to provide full acceptance and equal rights for all citizens.

One of the mass wedding attendees explained, “Our brothers and sisters that are straight are given free weddings by our county five times on Valentine’s Day, and we’re not. We’re not given weddings at all. We cannot get married at all in Texas, and that needs to change. We are full citizens.” She’s got a hell of a point.

When told that dozens of same-sex couples had exchanged vows without him noticing, the ordained minister told a reporter, “That has no value though. They don’t have a license. So if they took vows, it means nothing.”

So let me get this straight, if you take the secular, government-sanctioned part out of marriage, the religious component has no value whatsoever? Doesn’t his argument put the kabosh on marriage being a product of biblical definition then?

What do you think of these romantic protestors? Is their marriage valid?

Via Dallas Voice

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