Watch This Gay Bicyclist Drop an F-Bomb on an Anti-Gay Street Preacher

Watch This Gay Bicyclist Drop an F-Bomb on an Anti-Gay Street Preacher

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The website PinkNews has posted a video of a street preacher loudly sermonizing against gay people on a public street before a gay cyclist confronts him, receiving the applause of onlookers.

Through heavily accented English, the preacher shouted his message on a busy street in Glasgow, Scotland. He reportedly talked about how gay people need to repent. He also said that gay people are only 1% of the population and the rest of the 99% need to stand up to them.

At this point, a cyclist rides by, stops his bike and says to the preacher, “I’m gay. I’m gay, so say it to me.”

After ranting a bit, the pastor points to the cyclist and says, “God still loves you. God still loves you.”

The cyclist responds, “I love me, I don’t need a fucking God to do it.” The spectators watching the two men then break into applause as the bicyclist rides away, leaving the preacher surrounded by strangers who demonstrably disagree with him.

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Here’s video of the cyclist confronting the anti-gay preacher

Watching people stand up to homophobic street pastors is a beloved pastime in gay media. Near the end of June, a video of a university student agreeing with the increasingly unhinged statements of an anti-gay campus preacher went viral.

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What are LGBTQ rights in Scotland like?

While Scotland has legalized same-sex marriage, gay adoption and has hate crime statutes, so called ex-gay or conversion therapy is still legal there. The country also lacks law prosecuting hate speech against LGBTQ people.

Glasgow held its annual Pride event today. Scotland recently changed its laws to allow gay, bi and trans men to donate blood three months after having sex.



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