These 7 Gay Erotic Wrestling Websites Leave Us Sweaty and Down for the Count

These 7 Gay Erotic Wrestling Websites Leave Us Sweaty and Down for the Count

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Everyone knows that wrestling is pretty much the most homoerotic sport of all time — even more than water polo or men’s synchronized diving. And while we enjoy watching musclemen grapple in professional and Roman-Greco matches, sometimes we want a wrestling match that’s a bit more explicit. That’s why we’ve assembled this helpful list of six gay erotic wrestling sites that’ll leave you sweaty and breathless no matter what style of wrestling you like.


1. BG East

One of the oldest and most inclusive gay erotic wrestling sites around, BG East has an impressive catalog of sexy wrestling videos going back decades. No matter what your wrestling fetish is, they pretty much have it, whether that’s underwear, submissions, oil, pro, masked badges, BDSM, superheroes, pools, outdoor wrestling, gut bashing, motel matches or just guys fighting as a form of foreplay before sex. Often the matches have some technical skill to them, showing lots of wrestling expertise, no matter the scenario.

Even nicer, the guys have a variety of bodies (from slim to slightly husky), so if you want to see a guy with your proportions throw down with another dude, you can.


2. Muscle Boy Wrestling

Muscle Boy Wrestling is definitely the new kid on the block. They started earlier this year and only have a handful of videos. (Some of their more recent ones actually happen in a wrestling ring rather than a room filled with mats.) While only about half of their matches feature actual nudity and sex, they know why their fans are watching and often show off their competitors’ turned-on bodies whether sex is in store or not.


3. Naked Kombat

Naked Kombat — brought to you by the pervs at — matches up gay porn stars in head-to-head and tag-team matches that all use a similar four-round set up. The first round features the men in speedos; the second, in easily destroyed jockstraps; the third, naked. The winner from the first three rounds gets to decide what to do in a fourth sex round where no holds (or holes) are barred. While they sometimes add oil to the mat to make things extra slippery, it’s nice seeing the scrappy men manhandling and turning one another on while fighting for dominance. It’s some of the most explicit gay erotic wrestling on the web.


4. Can-Am

Can-Am is somewhat similar to BG East, except all of the men are closer to the porn-star mold (probably because their matches are more markedly sexual rather than just erotic). Like BG, their gay erotic wrestling matches come in every flavor to savor: mud, latex, oil, pool, leather, rope, bondage, ball torture…

Fair warning: The wrestling itself isn’t at all that technical. In fact, the choreography and over-acting makes it obvious that most of the men have never wrestled a day in their lives. But if you can buy into the fantasy, it’s still fun to watch.


5. Rock Hard Wrestling

If college-age athletes in softcore matches are your thing, then you’ll like Rock Hard Wrestling. While the guys are definitely sexy, the matches aren’t sexual and don’t involve any nudity. But they all take place in an actual wrestling ring, and they have a few themed matches if gut bashing, knockouts or vicious heels turn you on.


6. Thunders Arena

Though the jocks at Thunders Arena are impressive and know how to put one another in painfully sexy submission holds, the site’s “underground” production value is probably the cheesiest on the list. Most of guys tussle in revealing undies or swimsuits, the wrestling is often over-dramatized rather than realistic and the set often looks like some guy’s garage. Nevertheless, Thunders Arena keeps it mostly softcore by keeping everyone clothed, even if the jockstraps and g-strings do occasionally give viewers an eyeful.


7. Wrestler 4 Hire

Similar to Thunders, Wrestler 4 Hire bills itself as an “underground” wrestling league, but unlike Thunders, Wrestler 4 Hire uses a variety of settings (rings, mats, outdoor areas) and it features an array of erotic and skilled wrestlers — some of which have starred in porn. And if kink is your thing, there are also gut bashing, spanking, superhero, tickling, rip-and-strip, chain and even chloroform matches for your enjoyment.

Like Thunders, there’s no nudity or sex (even less than on Thunders, in fact) but the bodies are exquisite and the bulges eye-popping, especially since every single muscle-clad wrestler wears tight speedos.


Featured image via Muscle Boy Wrestling

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