gay focus group comedy sketch 1

Apparently the Gays Want a Mimosa-Flavored, Cock-Shaped Beer with a Dildo In It (Video)

Anyone who has ever been in a product research study will recognize the uncomfortable realness of this hilarious gay focus group comedy sketch. In it, gay funnymen Louis Virtel, Drew Droege, Parker Delon and Pete Zias all design a beer that will appeal to “the gays”. Apparently it involves a bottle shaped like an uncut dick, switching out the beer for a mimosa (“I’m a slut for a mimosa!”) and somehow fitting a dildo inside the bottle. And that’s just the start….

Check out the sketch below:

You might recognize Virtel from his old, sassy web series Verbal Voguing or as the snapping Jeopardy contestant. His co-actor Droege is mostly famous for her Chloe Sevigny comedy videos. Zias has also appeared in a handful of gay-themed comedy videos (both original and with Funny or Die) and DeLon gained some notoriety after appearing in the reality game show Big Brother Season 9.