Gay-Friendly Giveaway: Black Sheep Goes To Sleep

Gay-Friendly Giveaway: Black Sheep Goes To Sleep

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We’re unbelievably excited to introduce everyone today to a fabulous new author that’s a part of our unicorn herd. We first discovered Natalie Brougham when she posted her book on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, and we fell in love.

Today, we’re stoked to be giving away a copy of Natalie’s book Black Sheep Goes To Sleep, and a handmade stuffed black sheep to go along with it!

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Is it just me, or are there totally sparks between Red Sheep and Blue Sheep?

Eight colored sheep live together in the land of Somnas. Each day they play and each night as they climb into their beds, the moon sings them to sleep. As the moon sings, the sheep cuddle into their soft beds and fall asleep. All eight sheep except for one…

While all the sheep sleep peacefully, black sheep shivers beneath the moon on the other side of the fence. Unknown to the others, black sheep is afraid to jump over the fence and scared of the dark.

Will black sheep ever find the courage to go over the fence? Find out in Black Sheep Goes To Sleep!

Not only is Natalie a gifted author publishing her first work, but she’s one of our own. Homegirl had a passion, and is making it happen!

Follow Black Sheep Goes To Sleep’s Facebook Page and show her some love for a chance to win your own copy of today’s gay-friendly giveaway.

If you’re like us and can’t stand the wait, you can go ahead and order your own copy of these rainbow sheep right away. Go on now! Have you seeeeeen those sheep? Please! Adorable City just elected eight new mayors.

Who else wishes they owned rainbow sheep?

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