‘Gay Golden Girls’ TV Show Struggles Against Ageism, Not Homophobia

‘Gay Golden Girls’ TV Show Struggles Against Ageism, Not Homophobia

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What if The Golden Girls returned to television, but with gay men?

That’s a question that might seem redundant to the series’ gay fans, who have long related to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia. But now two of the show’s writers, Stan Zimmerman and James Berg, want to make that connection more literal with a revamp of sorts. Should it be realized on the small screen, Silver Foxes would generate laughs and late-in-life lessons from four older gay men living together.

The show would move the action from Miami to Palm Springs (because obviously), and it already has a great cast in place. George Takei would play a former military man who left the ranks during the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era. Bruce Vilanch would play a politically minded firebrand in the style of Dixie Carter from Designing Women. Leslie Jordan would play a character that we hope is more or less Leslie Jordan, and Parks & Recreation alum Todd Sherry would round out the cast as a past-his-prime twink.

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