A Gay Male Version of ‘The Golden Girls’ Could Soon Appear on TV

A Gay Male Version of ‘The Golden Girls’ Could Soon Appear on TV

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James Berg and Stan Zimmerman, two writers of the beloved sitcom The Golden Girls, have created a pilot for a similar show involving four older gay men. The show is called Silver Foxes, and while it hasn’t been casted, Berg and Zimmerman are pitching it to Netflix and Hulu.

Zimmerman recently held a reading of the pilot at his home with celebrated gay talents like Leslie Jordan, George Takei and Bruce Vilanch as well as Parks and Recreation actors Todd Sherry and Cheri Oteri.

Berg and Zimmerman have typically written strong, smart female characters — they’ve both also written for the TV shows Roseanne and Gilmore Girls, and the film A Very Brady Sequel which was based on ’70s TV sitcom The Brady Bunch. But despite its similarity to The Golden Girls, Zimmerman says that show was actually inspired by gay director PJ Raval’s 2013 documentary Before You Know It.

Here’s the trailer for Before You Know It:

Before You Know It follows three gay, male senior citizens (all living in different communities in the United States) as they navigate love, isolation and their identities in a world that isn’t used to queer seniors.

“Every one of us is getting older,” Zimmerman said. “Especially with gays and lesbians and transgender, we create our own families — and that’s what The Golden Girls did. Those women came together and supported each other.”

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Silver Foxes comes at an interesting time in our history. Right now, there’s at least three million LGBTQ seniors living in the U.S., but by the year 2034, that number will double.

Faced with increased rates of poverty and the prospect of becoming re-closeted in an assisted living facility, some gay senior citizens have opted to live with other older gay friends in a Golden Girls-style living arrangement as they continue dating, having sex and trying to live authentic and fulfilling lives.


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