You’ll Love This Sexy Guy’s Recreations of Iconic Pop Divas (Photos)

You’ll Love This Sexy Guy’s Recreations of Iconic Pop Divas (Photos)

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Everyone knows that when you pair pop-culture divas with talented photographers, you get timeless images. Just consider Jean Paul Goude’s famous 1985 photo of Grace Jones holding a mic while standing semi-nude on one leg, or his 2014 pic of bootylicious Kim Kardashian popping champagne onto her posterior. They’re inherently memorable and became instantly iconic.

Eager to recreate photos of pop-culture’s most famous females, Anthony Gilét, the editor & director of the NSFW gossip site Cocktails & Cocktalk, teamed up with photographer Phil O’Connor and the gay fetish shops Clonezone and Expectations for a hilariously naughty photo series entitled Hollywood Chill Out

In the series, Gilét and O’Connor imitate the iconic shots with a porny flair, replacing Jones’ microphone with a dildo and Kardashian’s champagne with a squirting bottle of lube. The results are both sexy and hilarious. Of the series, Gilét wrote:

The gay scene, like Hollywood, has an element of seduction about it; sex, drugs and parties. But once you’re inside that bubble, you realise it’s not as shiny as you first thought. You know what they say, “It’s all fun and games until you’ve got no sense of smell and have shagged an entire city”.

Some of our other favorite shots show Gilét imitating Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, but you should really check out the whole slightly NSFW set for yourself.

(Photos by Phil O’Connor via Cocktails & Cocktalk)


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